40 Business Ideas for MSMEs and SSIs

Here you will get 40 business ideas for MSME and SSIs but before that let us understand what MSME and SSIs are.

MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. According to the proposed definition, an enterprise is considered an MSME depending on its annual turnover. A company with turnover less than or equal to 5 crores is considered a micro-enterprise, between 5 to 75 crores is a small enterprise and between 75 to 250 crores is a medium enterprise.

SSI stands for Small Scale Industries. An enterprise where the investment is between Rs 25 Lakh and Rs 5 crores.

Importance of MSMEs and SSIs

MSMEs and SSIs contribute to the country in terms of employment and income and play a crucial role in the economy. It shows its importance by increasing the average socio-economic well-being of the citizens and also helps in the widespread distribution of the national income and wealth. Following agriculture, MSMEs are the largest employers in India, especially in rural or semi-rural areas of the country.

Top 40 Business Ideas for MSMEs and SSIs

MSMEs have business opportunities in almost every sector food, education, teleservices, hygiene products, daily essential services etc.

Some business ideas for MSMEs and SSIs are as follows: -

  1. Mineral water refinery and distribution service
  2. Tile and flooring manufacture
  3. Home fixture production
  4. Lighting (Tube lights, bulbs, CFLs etc.)
  5. Laundry and dry-cleaning services
  6. Toymaking (Small scale or Large scale)
  7. Packaging material (Cartons, wooden boxes, corrugated sheets, tape etc.)
  8. Chocolate making or chocolate shop
  9. Fashion / Imitation jewelry manufacturing or store
  10. Pickling
  11. Photo studio
  12. Stationary Distributor and shop
  13. Paper utensils (Paper plate, bowls and glasses etc.)
  14. Beauty parlour or saloons
  15. Furniture making
  16. Plywood business
  17. Ayurvedic medicine and oils
  18. Recycling
  19. Perfume making
  20. Soap and Shampoo production
  21. Nuts processing (Peanuts, walnuts, almonds etc.)
  22. Tomato sauce and pulp
  23. Garment business or shop
  24. Vegetable and fruit vendor
  25. Grocery and essentials store
  26. Matchbox manufacture
  27. Kokum processing and packaging
  28. Sausage making and processing
  29. Butcher shops
  30. Mehendi making and application service
  31. Candle making
  32. Agarbatti manufacture
  33. Bangle making
  34. Printing and Xerox store
  35. Motel/ restaurant
  36. Café and tea shops
  37. Automobile repair garage
  38. Paper bag making
  39. Dye and ink production
  40. Brick and cement production

How to register as MSME?

If your businesses’ annual turnover falls in the bracket of MSMEs it is essential that you register the business as MSME with the government to avail all the benefits and aids the government is providing for these enterprises.

The simple 5-step process for registration as MSME is:

Step 1: Fill the online MSME Registration form with relevant details

Step 2: Upload the documents, like Aadhaar card and PAN card

Step 3: Make the payment for your Application

Step 4: Once the application is approved, your business gets registered and the documents are verified

Step 5: After 1-2 working days, the valid MSME certificate will be issued which is for both the manufacturing and service sector.

Through portals like https://msmeregistrar.net/ which offer quick and hassle-free registration online, from the safety of your home. Online MSME registration through the above portals also saves time by cutting out the excess time required to get registered offline in government departments.

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