Benefit and Scheme for MSME during COVID-19

Benefit and scheme for MSME during COVID-19

India addresses with unparalleled public safety and economic steps the impact of the regional COVID 19 pandemic. Support measures will mitigate irreversible harm to lives and livelihoods if adverse economic effects are high. Micro, small and medium-sized businesses are among other sectors of the economy that require urgent attention and funding.

Why is it important to save the MSME?

The shutdown because of COVID-19 culminated in a blow for enterprises. It has affected the supply chain, sales have declined and economies are dull. Maybe the most complicated impact was the MSME section.

Owing to the slashing of economic development in the last few weeks, a substantial number of these units would no doubt be cut, maybe before they are completely removed. It is projected that 6.33 crore MSMEs, with 11 crore people, are engaged in economic non-agricultural activities throughout the world. Next to half of India's overall exports, MSMEs contribute nearly 30% of the Indian gross domestic product.

Who hit the hardest during this pandemic?

Some 26% of the companies surveyed reported their revenues and acquisitions impacted by this virus epidemic, according to a recent GOQii survey. MSMEs face challenges such as poor profitability and cash flow and a shortage of personnel.

So how can the government assist amid this pandemic?

The government has taken several measures to preserve the flood of the MSME section. To enable banks to raise loans at cheaper rates of interest, the Reserve Bank of India recently initiated Long Term Repo Operations (LTRO). Government-run banks are also urged to retain Rs 60,000 crore loans available.

In fact, Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman declared that the latest date of the file would be expanded to cover the late Income Tax Report for all FY 2018-19 companies from 31 March to 30 June. Though this gives the MSME sector some optimism, the government should take a few more measures to protect funding for the troubled business sector.

Mention the Specific Measures For Self-Employed MSME?

It would be important for autonomous MSME companies to have a safety net to weather this crisis. Different steps for self-employed and owner-managed enterprises Self-employed firms that can claim to have decreased turnover will be reimbursed (subject to a limit).

For instance, by the recorded reduction in expected revenues due to canceled orders, restricted movement of products or functions, etc., the Government may authorize these compensatory payments subject to reduced income demonstration. The system will, therefore, require businesses to establish cash flow forecasts about how they function while they are paid over a set amount of time.
The policy system will take account of self-employment separately as it requires fabricators and small businesses who do not join daily and seasonal wage earners in other firms providing private services such as plumbers, electricians, and drivers. Among several other countries, Germany and New Zealand have supported one-person firms and micro-units with a similar subsidy.

What can be the Revival Plan of MSME?

In addition to these steps, a strategy to enable corporations to restart their enterprises in a staggered way, with social distance legislation in place is also crucial. To follow State standards, normal and surprise restrictions can also be enforced. Now, while appropriate and critical precautionary steps have been placed in place, it is important to explore the concept of restarting business operations in regions of low infection.

Covid-19 is an uncertain consequence situation. Yet it is evident that policymakers and companies — both big and small — must work together to maintain employees' safety, be prepared to handle the challenge of restoring economic operations slowly, and be willing and responsive to systemic reform in market practices.

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