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Benefits Of MSME Certificate

The Government of India is always supportive of the micro, small, and medium enterprises of the country. This is mostly because of the micro, small, and medium enterprises are the backbone of the country's economy. Several organizations are under the MSME sector and require help from the government to survive among the larger industries. These organizations are required to be registered under the MSME scheme of India. Some requirements will be fulfilled if the registration is done. There are several benefits of the MSME Certificate which can be availed only if the business person has registered his or her organization under the MSME sector.

The following benefits of an MSME certificate in India can be mentioned as follows:

  1. Bank Loans Which Are Collateral-Free
  2. The Indian government has made provisions for collateral-free credit loans for every business under the MSME sector. Several initiatives are sure to provide funds to micro, small, and medium enterprises. When the organizations are registered under the MSME scheme, they can enjoy the benefits of the MSME certificate. Both old and new enterprises can claim the benefits under the scheme.

    A particular trust which is also known as a credit guarantee trust fund scheme has been introduced by the government of India, the Small Industries Development Bank of India, and the Ministry of the MSME sector. The scheme is mostly implemented to provide a guaranteed credit scheme for every organization in the micro, small, and medium enterprises.

  3. The Subsidy Is Offered On Patent Registration
  4. A huge subsidy of 50% is offered to the enterprise which has the certificate of registration under the MSME scheme. This particular subsidy is available for the organization which has the MSME certificate. Patent registration is one of the benefits of the MSME certificate.

  5. Interest Rate Exemption On Overdrafts
  6. Many organizations are registered under micro, small, and medium enterprises. One of the major benefits of the MSME certificate is that it can provide a benefit of 1% on the overdraft. This is mentioned in the scheme which might vary from bank to bank.

  7. Industrial Promotion Subsidy Eligibility
  8. The companies that are registered under the skin for micro, small, and medium enterprises can also apply for the subsidy which is available for industrial promotion. This is provided by the government of India to help the organizations under the MSME certificate.

  9. Protection Against Payments (Delayed Payments)
  10. Micro, small, and medium enterprises often face the issue that their consumers refuse to pay for certain services or products within the stipulated amount of time. The Government of India can provide help in this matter by allowing them the right to collect interest based on payments that are delayed in nature. These particular disputes must be resolved within a certain amount of time through the process of conciliation and arbitration.

    Whenever any registered enterprise under the MSME sector provides a particular good or service to a consumer, the consumer must make the payment on the date which has been agreed upon by both parties or between 15 days within which the goods and services have been accepted from MSME. When the buyer refuses to pay within 45 days after the acceptance of the goods and services, the compound interest value along with the monthly interest rates must be paid to mitigate the issue. The interest rate which is provided by the Reserve Bank of India is less than this value by almost three times.

  11. Fewer Electricity Bills
  12. This is one of the most important benefits of the MSME certificate. The concession is applied for all the organizations which are registered under the MSME sector of India. A simple application must be sent to the electricity department along with the MSME certificate which will allow a wonderful subsidy on the electricity bills of the company. This is essential to save costs in the MSME sector.

  13. ISO Certification Charges Reimbursement
  14. One of the crucial benefits of the MSME certificate is that the enterprises that have this kind of certificate can ask for the reimbursement of the fees that had been used up while getting the ISO registration certificate. This benefit has helped several organizations to get their registration done with both MSME and the ISO sector. The certification charge will not be considered when the huge value of ISO registration is reimbursed.  


Well, you must have realized by now that the MSME certificate is extremely essential. There are several types of questions that might arise in your mind regarding the benefits of the MSME certificate. The MSME consultants can provide you with clear knowledge related to the registration process. It is very important to understand the benefits of the MSME certificate to avail of the certificate.

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